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Can you really “find” yourself? Yes you can work on yourself. Grow as a person if you choose. Rebuild a new version of yourself. Enlighten yourself . Bring out your potential. All those things are already with in you. They just need bringing into the light. I had wanted to find myself for a longContinue reading “Finding…”

T is for Trauma…

Trigger warning ⚠️ descriptions of abuse and graphic wording. Using the word trauma … The word trauma is quite a broad spectrum word. It means different level of painful experiences to different people. What might be traumatic to one person , might not be to another. It is a very personal thing. I guess IContinue reading “T is for Trauma…”

Combating the F word

It makes sense that my first post should be about fear. As fear is what has held me back from putting my work out there sooner. It’s the crippling feeling of failure. It’s true , failing is after all learning and we all need to make mistakes to learn in life. There is a greatContinue reading “Combating the F word”

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